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Commmunity Mortgage Solutions is a local Mortgage Consultant business that has been established in Palm Coast since 2004. We are able to do all types of mortgages anywhere in the state of Florida.

Times have changed, but our personal service has not. If you’re in the market for purchasing a new home, or refinancing your existing mortgage, we can help. You will be offered different loan options to help you achieve an affordable payment .The options presented to you will be explained to you in a way that you will feel comfortable and confident in the decision that you make. Your experienced personal mortgage consultant will guide you through the loan process from the qualifying stage until you get keys to your new home. You’ll be glad you choose Community Mortgage Solutions. See what our customers are saying about Community Mortgage Solutions.


Why Choose Community Mortgage Soltuions?
We are in the business of finding you solutions for your Mortgage needs. This means we have a wide variety of loan programs and lenders to choose from. This allows us to give you the best deal for your individual situation. Local banks are limited to their loan product and programs which leads to a lot of restrictions for you. We have options!

Communication – You will be updated on a regular basis on your loan process. Via telephone and e-mail. You also have the capability to check on your loan status 24/7 on our web site. Visit our Loan Center for more information.

Guaranteed loan fees – Our upfront closing calculations and good faith estimates will have the same mortgage broker fees that you’ll see at the closing table. No last minute surprises. We guarantee it! Click Here For Our Personal Guarantee To You

Competitive rates and fees – We deliver programs and rates from the most competitive lenders. Our fees have proven to be more than competitive. Visit our Loan Center for more information.

Personal loan consultant – Your experienced loan consultant will guide you through the loan process and will offer advice as to which loan options are best for you based on your financial goals. Meet our team of professionals.

Teamwork– Once you have decided on which program best fits your needs, our team will work diligently to get your loan closed. We have designated staff to work on your loan during different phases of the process. Meet our team of professionals.

Secure and confidential– By processing your loan in house we have established necessary controls to preserve the confidentiality of your personal information. Visit our Loan Center for more information.

Passionate– We love what we do. We enjoy working with several different types of people to assist them with their goals. We get involved in our community through volunteer work and other forms of support. It’s important that you have a good supporting staff. Community Mortgage solutions consistently will review policy and procedure to ensure our service levels are second to none. Meet the local Realtors, Builders, and Home Owners Insurance agents we recommend.

We appreciate your trust in giving us the opportunity to assist you.

Click Here For Our Personal Guarantee To You

Blair Lamphier
Owner/Mortgage Consultant

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